Please Note: The 2017 Citywide Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, April 22. The 2017 Spring Cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 29. Please view the March 2017 newsletter for more information.

Adel Parks & Recreation's 2017 Spring/Summer Activity Guide is now available! Please review it for the latest and most up-to-date information on programs, including the Adel Family Aquatic Center's 2017 rates.

The City is now accepting applications for a number of Board & Commission positions. Please click here for more information. If you'd like to download an application, please click here.

Please click here to view the Notice To Bidders and Notice Of Public Hearing for the 2017 Adel Brick Streets Project. Please consult all addendums for the most accurate information on this project: Addendum #01 - Addendum #02 - Addendum #03

Please click here to download the 2017 Recycling Calendar.

The second and final public input meeting for the Parks & Trails Master Plan was held on Monday, December 12. If you missed it, please here to view the presentation.

You may also view the presentation and boards that were presented during the October 27 meeting.

The City's Economic Development Commission has updated the residential tax abatement program F.A.Q.

The City is in the process of updating its website.

Until further notice, information and links
below may not be completely up-to-date.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

2016 Recycling Calendar

Please click here to download the 2016 Recycling Calendar.

2016 Pet Licenses Now Available

The 2016 Pet Licenses are now available. The cost is $5 for a spayed/neutered pet and $15 if the pet is not fixed. Licenses must be purchased by April 30, 2016.

Beginning May 1, 2016, an additional $1 per month fee shall be assessed per pet, except in those cases where by reason of residence or age the pet was not subject to licensing during the initial period between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016.

Please provide a copy of each pet's most recent rabies vaccination certificate.

License forms are available at Adel City Hall or by clicking here. If you choose to send your form by mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can mail you your license(s).

Please visit or contact City Hall for details or questions.

Kinnick Heisman Trophy Event

Click on the image above for more information on the Adel Historical Museum's Nile Kinnick, Jr. Heisman Trophy Event that was held on Saturday, June 14, 2014, at the Adel Public Library!

Vacant Buildings Permit

On May 14, 2013, the Adel City Council passed Ordinance No. 289, An Ordinance Establishing a Vacant Building Permit and Inspection Process. This ordinance applies to all commercial, manufacturing, industrial, and mixed-use occupancy buildings in the City of Adel that are vacant.

While the ordinance became effective June 1, 2013, the City allowed a one-year grace period so that businesses might become aware of the ordinance. On May 1, 2014, the City began enforcement of Ordinance No. 289.

Please click here for more information.

Digital Council Packets

The City is excited to announce that it is now offering digital packets for its City Council meetings. Each month the City will upload a PDF document for the upcoming council meeting that contains the meeting's agenda and accompanying documents. The City hopes this effort will increase public awareness of issues taken up by the council.

The digital packets are fully searchable and include links and bookmarks for easy access to every item on the agenda.

With the shift to digital council packets, the council and select staff will use tablets to access the packets. By implementing digital packets and using tablets, the City will enhance its efficiency, increase its sustainability efforts, and reduce costs, resources, and personnel time.

To download and view the latest digital council packet, please click here and click on City Council. Packets may also be accessed by clicking on "City Council" on the sidebar. From there, click on "Agendas" and then "City Council" under the list of meeting agendas.

Residential Home Construction Data

The City of Adel has released its residential home construction data for the 2008-2013 period. Please click here to view total valuation data and the number of permits issued by the City during the past six years.

Newsletter News

The City of Adel has now transitioned to a postcard utility bill and an online-only newsletter to increase savings and enhance the City's sustainability efforts. For more information, please click here.

Brownfield Redevelopment Open House

Missed the EPA Brownfield Redevelopment presentation on Thursday, October 17, 2013? The City's environmental consultant, HR Green, Inc., covered a variety of topics at the meeting, including possible redevelopment options and reasons to participate. Please click here for the presentation. If you'd like to view a map of these brownfields, please click here. For more information on the program, please contact City Administrator Brett Klein at Adel City Hall or call Scott Mattes of HR Green at (515) 278-2913.

EPA Brownfield Grant Information

There are several locations on this website with information about the Brownfield Grant received by the City in 2009. This location will host the quarterly reports required for the EPA as they monitor the progress being made. It will also be a repository for updated information and action items.

Currrently, the City is working with the consultant, Howard R. Green Company, to obtain site access agreements to gain access to the sites planned for review and assessment.

Here is a map of the possible review sites, the quarterly reports, and a brochure explaining the program.

Please click on the corresponding report below to view it.

      2009 Fourth Quarter
2010 First Quarter 2010 Second Quarter 2010 Third Quarter 2010 Fourth Quarter
2011 First Quarter 2011 Second Quarter 2011 Third Quarter 2011 Fourth Quarter
2012 First Quarter 2012 Second Quarter 2012 Third Quarter 2012 Fourth Quarter
2013 First Quarter 2013 Second Quarter 2013 Third Quarter 2013 Fourth Quarter