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2021 Preservation At Its Best Award

Posted: July 12, 2021

Each year, the City of Adel’s Historic Preservation Commission recognizes a property owner for their efforts in preserving their historic property for future generations.

The 2021 Preservation At Its Best Award goes to Bob and Nadine Law for 1210 Grove Street.

This property is truly an Adel landmark. In researching the property’s history, it appears to have been built after the war in the late 1870s or early 1880s.

It was sold in March 1888 to J.W. Russell and renovated later that year. It was known as the “J W Russell Homestead” and was held in the family until March 1946. Bob and Nadine Law acquired the property in July 1987.

Through Bob and Nadine’s efforts to preserve the historical integrity, they obtained the original architectural drawings of both the initial construction and the renovation.

On behalf of the Adel Historic Preservation Commission and the City of Adel, we extend our thanks and sincere appreciation for Bob and Nadine’s efforts in preserving an Adel landmark for future generations.

Their personal time and commitment to researching the historical features of 1210 Grove, and to maintaining the property’s historical aesthetics, is commendable.