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Fence Permit Application

To apply for a Fence Permit please submit the form below.

After submitting the Fence Permit Application you will be directed to the online payment form that must be paid for the Fence Permit to be issued. You do not need to wait for the permit to begin placing the fence on your property provided you have read and understand Chapter 165.55 of the Adel City Code.

Any questions, please contact Code Compliance Officer Steve Nichols at

Fence Permit Application

"*" indicates required fields

I have read and understand Chapter 165.55 of the Adel City Code:*
See above for a link to Chapter 165.55 of the Adel City Code.
I have confirmed that my property is within the city limits of Adel:*
If you have questions about your location please contact Steve Nichols (

Property Owner Information

Property Address*
I understand that construction on any easement will be at my own risk and responsibility and that I will be liable for any necessary removal should it become necessary. I hereby acknowledge that I have read this application and state that the above is correct and agree to comply with all city ordinances and state laws regulating building construction. I further agree and understand that the City of Adel has not reviewed nor does it make any representation concerning, any covenants or any restrictions where there may be covenants or other restrictions prohibiting the proposed improvement.
By submitting this application online I understand that my electronic signature carries the same weight as my print signature.