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02. Why was the roundabout concept considered?

Posted: February 5, 2019

While this concept was not initially considered at the beginning of the review of this project, upon review of the goals of the Citizen Focus Group regarding reduction of speed and safety this concept was brought forward as an option.

The Citizen Focus Group considered the following:

  • Goals of the group to reduce overall speed and improve safety of vehicle traffic, bicycle and pedestrian crossings.  And specific concern of safety at the intersection of ADM High School and Fareway.
  • Consideration of the desire to maintain proper traffic flows along an major street and state highway.
    • This included to maintain a small town feel (keeping it from being a stretch of multiple stop lights (i.e. Hickman in Waukee).
    • To assure traffic, including commercial, continuous flow.
  • The results of the Iowa DOT TEAP Study showing traffic numbers do not warrant stop lights in this area.
  • The results of the Iowa DOT Speed Study showing traffic speed is recommended to be increased (the opposite of the desire for speed & safety).
  • Review of the Iowa DOT Roundabout website regarding existing roundabouts on existing state highways in Iowa

When considering the goals and the limited options available to reduce speeds and improve safety, while maintain traffic flows, it was generally felt that roundabouts met all these requirements; whereas traditional turn lanes did not encourage slower traffic speeds, nor assist with optimal traffic flows.

Thus, the Citizen Focus Group when it came to consensus recommended the Roundabout concept to the City Council.  The City Council has yet to take action on a final decision and the Iowa DOT must finalize and approve any concept or design.

Updated:  02/05/19