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05. No one knows how to drive roundabouts. What can be done about that?

Posted: February 5, 2019

While some have experience and different parts of the country have more roundabouts, it is understood that not everyone has experience navigating roundabouts.  Of course this can be true of most traffic situations in one’s lifetime (i.e. no experience driving multilane freeway such as I-235, etc.), it is well understood, that like other communities, an effort to educate local citizens will be required.

As in other Iowa and Midwest communities, if Adel adopts roundabouts, there would be an educational component for the community prior to building any such intersection.  Some examples include:

Iowa students as well are currently educated in the Iowa DOT Drivers Training Manual on roundabouts — see page 40 in the manual.


Updated: 02/05/19

Category: Highway 169 Turn Lane and Improvements