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06. Isn’t Highway 169 a major commercial truck corridor and doesn’t it have a special designation as such?

Posted: February 5, 2019

  • Highway 169 does not have any special designation for truck traffic set by the Iowa DOT.
  • Highway 169 is not designated by Iowa DOT as part of the Commercial and Industrial Network (CIN):  Designated road system of primary highways that connect the state’s regional growth areas and carry a significant amount of the state’s commercial traffic; the CIN does not include the interstate system.

While Highway 169 through Adel is used by many commercial trucks (semi trucks, straight trucks, buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, etc.), traffic counts do not show that it is larger than any comparable highway.

Current data (from 2016) from the Iowa DOT shows that daily traffic counts:  (Note:  On a mobile device you may need to turn your device to landscape (sideways) to view this table in full.) 

Location Total Vehicle Commercial Trucks Comm. Truck % of Total
Highway 169 between Adel and DeSoto 6100 460 7.5%
Highway 44 between Dallas Center and Grimes 6200 550 11.3%
Highway 6 between Adel and Waukee 12500 700 5.6%
Highway 30 coming into 10th Av. Roundabout in Mt. Vernon 13500 1290 9.6%

Sources:  Iowa DOT Vehicular Traffic Map; Iowa DOT Truck Traffic Map

Note:  Updated traffic counts currently being performed along this corridor in Adel.  Numbers will be added when available.

Updated:  02/05/19


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