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Water, Sewer, Stormwater

The City of Adel maintains its own water and sewer treatment plants, making it possible to remain competitive in utility rates.

Pay My Water Bill

City utility bills are always due on the 20th of every month.

Need to pay your water bill? Click here to pay online! You can also pay your water bill by mailing payment to or stopping by Adel City Hall.

Over-The-Phone Utility Payments: (866) 229-7831
Please Note: You will need your account number to proceed. You will not be charged to check your balance, but a convenience fee of $1.25 will be charged if you elect to pay your bill using this service.

To sign up for automatic withdrawal, please click here to download a form and return to Adel City Hall or email to Accounting Clerk Emily Light at


Have you noticed the WET tax on your utility bill? Please click here for more details from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Apply for Water, Sewer, & Garbage Service

Please click here to download an application for water, sewer, garbage, and recycling service. New accounts require a $150.00 deposit. Applicants must turn in the application to Adel City Hall or send to For more information, please contact Adel City Hall.

Monthly Water Rates

Effective July 1, 2019


First 5,000 gallons $8.14 per thousand
Next 6,000–20,000 $5.49 per thousand
Next 21,000–100,000 $4.44 per thousand
101,000+ $3.46 per thousand
CWI Surcharge $24.00
Minimum Water Charge $40.28

*City of Adel water service only. Please contact Xenia Rural Water if not on City water.

New water and sewer hookup

Residential* $800.00
Commercial $500.00 + cost of meter
Sewer Connection $500.00
Deposit $150.00
Reconnect Fee $50.00

*Oversize meters require an additional charge (i.e., the difference between the residential meter and the requested meter size).

Monthly Sewer Rates

Effective July 1, 2019. Based on water usage.


First 5,000 gallons $7.75 per thousand
Everything thereafter $5.56 per thousand
Septic Haulers—min.1,500 gallons $118.55
CSI Surcharge $15.00
Minimum Sewer Charge $30.50

Stormwater Utility

Effective July 1, 2019.

Except as hereinafter noted, each customer whose property lies within the corporate limits of the City shall pay to the City, through its collection agent, at the same time payment for City water is made, the following charges associated with the customer’s property (an “ESU” means the median average impervious coverage of a detached dwelling unit property in the City of Adel, which has been determined by the City to be 3,000 square feet of impervious surface area):

  1. Undeveloped: Zero dollars ($0.00) per month;
  1. Developed: Three dollars ($3.60) per month for those properties which impervious coverage is less than two (2) times the average impervious coverage, or 6,000 square feet; or
  1. Developed: Three dollars ($3.60) per equivalent service unit (ESU) of impervious surface for those properties which impervious coverage is equal to or greater than two (2) times the average impervious coverage, or 6,000 square feet.

The number of equivalent service units (ESUs) on each property shall be calculated by an agent of the City of Adel based on the most recent aerial photography available to the City of Adel and/or impervious surface data from an approved site plan for the property. Beginning April 1, 2010, all site plans submitted to the City of Adel shall clearly list the total property area and total impervious surface area, in square feet.

CSWI Surcharge: $6.00 per month

Please click here for an overview of the utility.

Credits and waivers of the utility’s service fee may be granted. Please click here for a waiver application.

Water Quality Reports

A Consumer Confidence Report for the Adel Municipal Water Works is distributed to customers annually. Below you will find past reports. Click on the year’s report to view it.

2018 Water Quality Report
2017 Water Quality Report
2016 Water Quality Report
2015 Water Quality Report
2014 Water Quality Report
2013 Water Quality Report
2012 Water Quality Report
2011 Water Quality Report
2010 Water Quality Report
2009 Water Quality Report