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Nuisance Compliance

Please direct compliance concerns to Code Compliance Officer Steve Nichols. Read about some of our common nuisance compliance issues below or learn more about our nuisance compliance procedures in our City Code documents.

To learn more about our policies surrounding the ownership of live animals (excluding dogs and cats), please contact City Hall and we’d be happy to help you.

City of Adel Code Compliance Officer

Steve Nichols

Phone: (515) 993-4525



Examples of Nuisances

Offensive Smells 

If a building or business causes unreasonably offensive smells or substances that are harmful to the health of individuals or the public, it is likely considered a nuisance. Please call us at (515) 993-4525 to report offensive or dangerous smell concerns in Adel.

Water Pollution

Anything that makes the water in Adel’s rivers, streams, or ponds impure is considered water pollution, which can be reported to Adel as a nuisance to be taken care of. It is also unlawful to divert water sources from their natural courses.

For more information about natural water sources and drinking water cleanliness, visit the Iowa DNR’s page on water quality.

Road Obstructions

Don’t block the roadways! Obstructions to private or public roads, streets, or alleys are considered nuisances and will be subject to the City’s nuisance compliance processes. Potential obstructions include fences, buildings, and more.


Live Animal Policies

Urban Chicken and Fowl Policy 

Fowl shall be defined as birds and livestock such as pigeons, pheasants, quail, chickens, and ducks which are of such type and nature that state and national associations exist. These associations establish norms for breeding, confining, and rearing.

It is unlawful to keep, possess, or maintain fowl on any parcel of property located within City limits, except in accordance with established restrictions. Please see the City of Adel Manual of Policy and Procedure or contact City Hall to learn more about the requirements and limitations for maintaining fowl on your property.

Live Trap Rentals

Live traps are rented out by the City of Adel to residents who need to trap wild or domestic animals that pose a nuisance to their property. When a trap is available to rent, the resident will pay a rental fee of $15.00 and an $80.00 deposit at the time the trap is picked up from City Hall. (City staff will provide instructions on how to set the trap.) The $80.00 deposit will be refunded once the trap is returned.

Residents will be issued a receipt from City Hall that they will need to present to the on-duty police officer or public works personnel who will come to pick up the trapped animal. For more information about live trap rental policies, please contact City Hall or view the City of Adel Manual of Policy and Procedure.