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Planning and Zoning

To contact a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, please visit the Boards and Committees page.

In addition to the City Code listed below, the City of Adel has adopted the Statewide Urban Design and Specifications, or SUDAS, family of design and specification guidelines.

The Center for Transportation Research and Education at Iowa State University maintains Iowa’s SUDAS manuals for public improvements. Developing and maintaining Iowa’s unique SUDAS manuals is the result of a dedicated effort by more than 300 stakeholders across the state.


Some of the advantages of using SUDAS include uniform public improvements standards (e.g., similar sidewalk ramps) from town to town. Also, by using standard designs and specifications Iowa’s cities have uniform urban design and specifications across the state, which reduces contractor confusion and mistakes due to differing specifications.

If you are involved in a public improvement project in Adel and want to know what our design standards are, you can start by looking up the specifications from SUDAS at

Please check with City staff prior to starting any project as policy may change from time-to-time.

For information on Adel’s Residential and Commercial Tax Abatement Program, as well as the City’s Industrial Property Tax Exemption program, please click here.

To view the City Code, zoning code, or zoning map, please visit the City Code page.