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Boards & Commissions

Learn more about the committees and representatives that continue to work to make Adel a great place to work and live. If you have questions and concerns about specific departments, you may contact the individual or individuals involved using the information below.

Agendas & Minutes

Please use the link above to access City agendas and minutes. Please note that the page will be updated periodically.

If you do not see a particular agenda, please check the Calendar page.

Proposed minutes will be available in agenda packets ahead of the next meeting.


City Council and Mayor

The Adel City Council meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. The council reserves the fourth Monday of every month for a second meeting if necessary.

Special meetings and work sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Meetings are typically held in the council chambers at Adel City Hall. Agendas are typically available on the Friday before the meeting.


Name Email Address Phone Term* Ends
James F. Peters 925 S. 14th Street (515) 993-4436 2026

City Council

Name Email Address Phone Term* Ends
Rob Christensen 820 Greenwood Hills Drive (515) 478-3260 2026
Shirley McAdon 1305 S. 15th Street (515) 993-4862 2028
James West 28875 Frost Lane (515) 402-9378 2028
Bob Ockerman 1401 S. 13th Street (515) 238-9835 2028
Jodi Selby 1709 Court Street (515) 657-1315 2026

Mayor Pro Tem: Shirley McAdon

*Per Iowa Code 376.2, the terms for the mayor and council listed above end at noon on the first day in January which is not a Sunday or legal holiday.


City Council Committees

The City Council committees meet on an as-needed basis when there is an item to be discussed. Typically, the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. is used, but please double-check the City Calendar to confirm.

The purpose of the committees is to plan and develop rules and policies to recommend to the City Council.

If you would like to address a committee regarding a certain issue you may contact a committee Chair or member or call the City Administrator at (515) 993-4525 to be placed on the agenda. The members for each committee are listed below — the Chair is the first name listed for each committee.

Finance and Budget

McAdon, Ockerman, Christensen
What this committee does: Works with staff to provide input and feedback during the budget preparation process. Reviews and makes recommendations on budget issues that occur throughout the year.

Personnel, Negotiating, and Insurance

West, Selby, McAdon
What this committee does: Reviews and negotiates wage and benefit packages for City employees. Reviews and approves various personnel actions and policies. Monitors and reviews claim history and provides input in reviewing and selecting the best insurance programs for the City.

Public Safety

Selby, McAdon, Ockerman
What this committee does: Reviews policy and issues involving the Police and Fire departments, First Responders and Disaster Services.

Water, Sewer, and Sanitation

Ockerman, Christensen, West
What this committee does: Reviews plans and projects related to the sanitary sewer system, public water system, garbage collection, and recycling. Plans future growth and development of the systems and determines policy.

Streets, Alleys, and Sidewalks

Christensen, West, Selby
What this committee does: Review issues related to streets, sidewalks alleys, and other concerns related to the street department. Reviews plans for the growth, improvement, and maintenance of the street system.

Community & Economic Development

Ockerman, Christensen, McAdon
What this committee does: Reviews issues related to community and economic development, including residential, commercial, and industrial growth.  Reviews potential tax incentives and development agreements. Coordinates with related organizations like the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance, the Greater Des Moines Partnership, MidAmerican Energy, and the State.

Special Committees

From time to time the Mayor may designate a special committee to review and resolve a particular problem or issue.

Other City Boards and Commissions

Library Board

The Library Board sets policy and oversees the operation of the Adel Public Library. Please refer to Chapter 22 of the City’s Code or contact the Adel Public Library for further details. Terms are for six (6) years and expire July 1 of the year listed below.

Home Other Term Ends
Paul Nelson (515) 770-1731 (515) 993-3490 2028
Leslie Banwart (515) 491-6673 2024
Eric Trout (515) 410-7800 2026
Dianne Fredin (chair) (504) 252-5002 2028
Liesl Chaplin (319) 573-5530 2024
Teresa Wichtendahl (rural) (515) 993-2019 (515) 321-2147 2026
Alex Loterbour (515) 954-0838 2028


Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council regarding the City’s comprehensive plan, land use, changes in zoning, and review of subdivision plans or plats.

This commission assures coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development that will best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, and general welfare of the City. Please refer to Chapter 23 of the City’s Code for further details.

The commission meets as needed, though typically reserves the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Terms are for five (5) years and expire July 1 of the year listed below.

Home Other Term Ends
Summer Portzen (563) 380-2112 2025
Danielle Roberts (515) 897-8718 2025
Jerry Adams (503) 754-4310 2024
Patrick Halsey (515) 491-8100 2028
Stephanie Poole (chair) (612) 275-4000 2026
Jonathan Fokken (515) 473-2839 2028
Tim Crannell (239) 209-0640 (515) 219-3118 2026


Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for administrative review of decisions made by the zoning officer and for hearing and deciding on requests for special exceptions and variances to the Zoning Code.

Please refer to Chapters 165.16 and 165.17 of the City’s Code for further details.

The board meets as needed. Terms are for five (5) years and expire on July 1 of the year listed below.

Home Other Term Ends
Larry Crannell (515) 993-4183 (515) 210-1706 2025
Sarah Whittlesey (515) 201-3132 2028
Dan Novelli (Chair) (515) 322-3078 2024
Karen Daniel (309) 945-3861 2028
Dennis Gabler (515) 306-2503 2026


Parks & Recreation Board

The Parks & Recreation Board develops policy and rules governing the City’s parks, aquatic center, and cemeteries. The board helps plan overall park development and plans.

The Parks & Recreation Board also serves as the City’s Tree Board.

Please refer to Chapter 24 of the City’s Code for further details.

The Parks & Recreation Board typically meets on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Terms are for three (3) years and expire on July 1 of the year listed below.

Home Other Term Ends
Kari Johns (515) 988-8102 (641) 332-3810 2024
Patricia Ehrenfried (641) 745-0264 2026
Jeremy Brancheau (402) 889-9877 2026
Del Christensen (515) 993-4734 (515) 971-0953 2025
Dennis Gabler (515) 306-2503 2025
Robin Todd (515) 991-6538 2026
Joe Moon (515) 314-9202 2024


Historic Preservation Commission

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public through the recognition, enhancement, and perpetuation of districts and sites of historical and cultural significance.

Please refer to Chapter 25 of the City’s Code for further details.

The commission typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. Terms are for three (3) years and expire July 1 of the year listed below.

Home Other Term Ends
Rich Hughes (Chair) (515) 993-4346 2024
Deb Christensen (515) 770-1336 2026
Cori Pickett (515) 229-8084 2026
Benjamin Bobier (515) 423-6092 2026
Vonadale ‘Vonz’ Odem (515) 993-3049 2024
Lane Pralle (515) 608-2808 2025
Robert Hall (515) 993-4264 (515) 240-9265 2025

Representatives to the Central Iowa Regional Housing Authority

Shirley McAdon (515) 993-4862
Steve Nichols – Alt. (515) 993-4525

Representative to Dallas County Emergency Management Commission

Jim Peters (515) 993-4436
Bob Ockerman – Alt. (515) 238-9835

Landfill Representative

Shirley McAdon (515) 993-4862

Representative to the Dallas County E-911 Commission

Bob Ockerman (515) 238-9835

Council Representative to Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce

Shirley McAdon (515) 993-4862

Representatives to the Metro Advisory Council

Jim Peters (515) 993-4436
Shirley McAdon — Alt. (515) 993-4862

Representatives to the Central Iowa Regional Transportation and Planning Alliance (CIRPTA)

Policy Committee

Anthony Brown (515) 993-4525
Kip Overton — Alt. (515) 993-4525

Technical Committee

Kip Overton (515) 993-4525
Anthony Brown — Alt. (515) 993-4525

Representatives to the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance

Bob Ockerman (515) 238-9835

Representative to the Dallas County Local Housing Trust Fund, Inc. Board

Kara Sinnard (515) 974-5230


Representatives to the North Raccoon River Watershed Management Coalition

Bob Ockerman (515) 238-9835
Kip Overton (515) 993-4525