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Peddler’s License Application Confirmation

Thank you for submitting a request for a Peddler’s License with the City of Adel. There is a minimum 3-day waiting period before the license will be approved/denied. If approved, a copy of the license will be emailed to you. You may pick up a hard copy of the license at City Hall: 301 S. 10th St. in Adel.

Criminal History Background Check: Please fill out the Criminal History Background Check request form if you do not have an up-to-date Criminal History Background Check within the last 30 days: Criminal History Background Check

Fee Payment: Fees will be assessed and the total will be emailed to the applicant within the 3-day waiting period. Fees will be required to be paid before the license(s) are approved. Payment may be made by mailing in a check to City Hall or coming into City Hall to pay in person.

Any additional questions please contact Adel Administrative Clerk Sarah Hauser at Thank you!